Tents For Trucks With Caps


Tents For Trucks With Caps and Tents For Trucks With Toppers

The Sportz 84000Sportz 82000 and Backroadz 19100 all fit trucks with caps and toppers.  To ensure a proper fit onto your truck cap the measurement from the ground to the top of your truck cap should not exceed 80".
The Sportz Cove 61500 will fit  compact to mid size trucks with caps and toppers such as Dodge Dakota, Ford Ranger, Toyota Tacoma etc. 
The Sportz Cove 61500 will not fit full size trucks with caps and toppers such as Ford F Series, Dodge Ram Series, Full size Chevrolet and G.M.C., Toyota Tundra etc.

Truck With Older Model 83000 Shown

Sportz Truck Tent on Truck With Cap Truck With Topper